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Have you ever been on an excursion outside the earth, or simply participated in a test in a weightless environment? I would like to test it but have not had a chance yet. Armajet is a great action game with a weightless battlefield, which will be an interesting shooter game that does not follow the rules of casual shooting games with the modern weapons and a lot of advanced equipment … We hope that the game will become more attractive in the coming time after the test phase.

Armajet apk

What is Armajet?

This game is the latest idea from Super Bit Machine game maker, which will be developed on various platforms such as PC, Android, IOS by a great team, whose the experienced people in the gaming industry. Super Bit Machine always tries to create the great games, bring players closer on all platforms, their first work is Armajet. During the testing phase of the game, Super Bit Machine game maker has continually received the player’s feedback to improve the game’s bug, as well as create a few mini-games to bring the unique gaming experience.

Armajet apk

The simple gameplay

Armajet is not a too complicated game like many other action shooter games in terms of gameplay. You will be allowed to choose a basic character and purchase different weapons to join the fight with other players through online gun battles. With each match, you will be put on the different maps. You will have to move and jump in almost no gravity environment to dodge, attack the enemy. You will need the support of a small engine to fly and move easily. There will be many game modes, but the main task of the player will still be to find ways to defeat as many opponents as possible.

During the battle, the players can create their own advantage by collecting some of the support items appearing on the map, which will allow you to move faster or have some small protection. Taking advantage of the characteristics of weapons is also very important in combat. You will be able to see many unique weapons such as flamethrowers, lightning launchers, rocket launchers … strength, attack range, damage type are also different so you need to learn them before using.

In Armajet, the control and combat will be a big difference compared to many other action shooter games. In this game, the virtual keys will be arranged differently. On the left, there will be the key to move. On the right, it will be the key to adjust your barrel in different directions. You will be able to turn the gun barrel 360 degrees free, in the middle near the bottom of the screen will be the place of the weapon key for attacking and showing the bloodline of the character. You will not be familiar with these arrangements but it will not be too difficult for you to get used to.

Armajet apk

The graphics

Another difference of Armajet with other action shooter games is that in design and graphics. It has no 3D graphics and also does not have the first view. Instead, it has a decent 2D graphics which brings the smoothness to the player. The images in the game also have excellent HD quality, with a lot of unique venues, costumes and weapons.

Armajet apk


Armajet is a good game with a unique idea, which will bring a new experience of a shooting action game. During the testing phase, you may encounter some minor bugs, so please feedback them to the manufacturer for immediate fixes. You can download this game for the Android platform in the link below. The iOS users will need to wait for more to be able to experience this game. Have a fun game!

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