Arena Of Survivors

Arena Of Survivors

Lately, I have introduced a game called Caravan War from HIKER GAMES producer, which has received a lot of interest from many players. Today, I would like to introduce a new game named Arena Of Survivors (AoS) with a unique idea and the interesting Battle Royale fights. Surely, the game will be an amazing idea in this game genre, which has attracted millions of players. Let’s study a bit about the game right now!

Arena Of Survivors

The unique gameplay

Battle Royale games have been very attractive. There will always be more new games coming out with this idea for attracting more players. Arena Of Survivors (AoS) is not a bad idea about Battle Royale battles. In the game, you will be transformed into a warrior, the last survivor, who is on a great battlefield to find items and weapons in different buildings. It is very important that you must fight the other players to survive, which will happen very quickly and attractive. You have to run like some other Battle Royale games and find out the last survivor called Vanquisher.

In Arena Of Survivors (AoS), you have to try your best for surviving, which is not only fight bravely and sacrifice. You should stay away from crowded places and gradually defeat your opponents or let them fight each other and die. There has the difference between Arena Of Survivors (AoS) and other Battle Royale games that you will have characters with different characteristics to choose from in this game. You will need to learn a bit about them for finding the right weapon and a good tactic. Arena Of Survivors (AoS) will need more strategy and thought so be ready before joining the war.

Fighting style in the game is not too difficult. The move and attack will need the flexibility of many players, take advantage of the terrain and obstacles to hide and attack the enemy. In case you are in the bad situation, you should run away. Let your enemies fight each other and die. Sometimes, run away is the success and victory of the player.

Arena Of Survivors

Character system (Survivors)

Arena Of Survivors (AoS) is probably the first game in the Battle Royale genre that has character systems. Besides fighting, you will need to care about the characters. Each of them will have the number that you need to pay attention to, which will affect the combat as well as the choice of weapons for each character. In addition, it can increase the damage of each weapon, increase the effects and reduce incoming damage… so you need to find something in the Survivors that suits your style, which will contribute to your victory.

Arena Of Survivors

The graphics

In terms of the graphics, Arena Of Survivors (AoS) also has a different design than other Battle Royale games. With not the usual FPS, this is a more comprehensive view from the top down, the simple design but still fun and prominent. In addition, the game also has beautiful images with unique design and many interesting things that you can see in the game.

Arena Of Survivors


Arena Of Survivors (AoS) has a lot of great elements. It is totally free to download and experience. There are some things that need to be bought with the real money. If you do not want to use this feature, you can turn it off. The players can download the game by using our link below and do not forget to rate the game for supporting us to do the better game in the future! Thanks and have a fun game!

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