Alphabear 2: English word puzzle

Alphabear 2

If you have ever heard of the highly acclaimed Alphabear game from Spry Fox LLC, it is a very creative Freemium Scrabble-style puzzle game on 2015. Now, the second version of Alphabear 2: English word puzzle has been officially launched with more interesting ideas, more novel puzzles and a lot of beautiful images.

We all want to “just play and learn” instead of just focusing on the usual way of learning. Nothing is better than learning English through the game. This is also what manufacturers want to emphasize when deciding to introduce to you a special puzzle game called Alphabear 2: English word puzzle. The game is a fun addictive game. It has all we need to learn foreign languages ​​for children. Even with basic or advanced English learners, this game is also an excellent choice to memorize vocabulary.

Alphabear 2

How to play

Alphabear 2: English word puzzle is an English puzzle game with many similarities to Alphabear. This game also has many typical elements of other genres such as a bit of adventure when you are immersed in a fun world, a little intellect with letters, and a little puzzle in rescuing the bears. Alphabear 2: English word puzzles will be greatly improved to please the most puzzle game lovers.

Basically, Alphabear 2: English word puzzle is very simple. Each level consists of: the tiles are attached with a letter, a bear appears in the middle of the screen – the animal you were given when you started playing, a bar to enter the character at the bottom of the screen with the letter “v” on the right and the “x” on the left. Your task is to select the letters on the table and enter the bar below to make a meaningful word. Once the desired word has been entered, the player needs to touch the “v” to confirm the final answer. To delete the word, simply touch the “x” to enter the new word. It does not matter from short or long words as long as the word has a certain meaning. However, the longer the word is made, the more point you will get

Alphabear 2

The special bears

You will collect the bears in the game by solving puzzles. These bears can cooperate to help you in the next puzzle. The size of the bear will be larger if you use the more letters. The bigger the bear is, the more points you will have. Alphabear 2: English word puzzle has been improved and added to many beautiful and interesting bears. The great grammar spelling is the key to solving the difficult puzzles of this game.

Alphabear 2

Cute design

Alphabear 2: English word puzzle is a very cute game. Although the game is designed with simple 2D graphics, the images are nice and fun. The bear is the highlight of this game. With so many bears designed in different shapes, the game will bring a unique experience for players. You will feel the difference compared with Alphabear.

Alphabear 2


In short, Alphabear 2: English word puzzle is an engaging game, which is suitable for all ages. You can download and enjoy it now with our bottom link. Do not forget to rate this game 5 stars in our article for supporting us to do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a fun game!

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