Alien Evolution Clicker: Species Evolving

Alien Evolution Clicker mod

One day, you become a creator of creatures, what do you do? Will you create new lovely or scary creatures? If you have not got ideas for yourself, you can play Alien Evolution Clicker: Species Evolving. In this game, you can learn how to control the evolution of many strange creatures outside the planet, help them evolve to the highest levels with the very simple and fun operations and reveal the uniqueness of the evolution of the creatures.

Alien Evolution Clicker mod apk

The simple gameplay

Alien Evolution Clicker: Species Evolving has a really simple gameplay. The evolution of the creatures will depend on your operation. You just need to control the DNA cells and pair them together to create the new one at higher levels. You will create a larger cell with higher growth. You can click on new creatures to produce gold for you then use that gold to buy more DNA and continue to complete your creation. The higher evolution level of the creation is, the greater the benefit you will receive. When these creatures are big enough, they will have a quite unique shape. You can bring them to a new world.

The creatures will also automatically generate money for you, so the more creature you have, the more money you will get. Learning the gameplay is simple that does not take a long time for you. The problem you need to care is the optimization so that your world grows fastest based on your idea. In addition, you can create new and unique creatures that enhance the appeal of the game.

One thing you should know so that you can quickly reach the gold is that you need to touch a lot of the creatures in the game. To do this well, you can have two different ways. First, you can use all five of your fingers to touch the screen and all the creatures and receive gold in the meantime. Second, you can drag all of the creatures to one spot and use a single finger to touch them.

Alien Evolution Clicker mod apk

The abundance of creatures

In Alien Evolution Clicker: Species Evolving, creatures will evolve at different levels. With just two DNA in the lower level, you can create a more advanced creature, which will carry many different shapes. You can upgrade a number of things to speed up the evolution of characters such as time to create new balls, upgrade gold bottles to accommodate more gold, upgrade magnets to gain more gold.


The Graphics

Alien Evolution Clicker: Species Evolving is designed with the beautiful and attractive graphics. The image is sharp and colourful. Creatures are uniquely designed with the new style. They are new species that you have never been seen. They can only appear in this game. In addition, the game will also bring you a relaxing music and attracted to the interesting click.

Alien Evolution Clicker mod apk


Alien Evolution Clicker: Species Evolving is a highly entertaining game, which you can play in your spare time. You can download the game with the link below for the Android platform, and do not forget to rate the game to give us more motivation to find new games. Thanks and have a fun game!

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