Age of Magic

Age of Magic

The games about the mysterious world are no longer strange to many players. When mentioning these games, you can immediately think of witches, elves, demons, monsters or the powerful dragon. Recently, Playkot LTD has launched a new game called Age of Magic, which features the epic elements of a role-playing game, in which you will be discovering the mystery in the ancient world with many unexplored mysteries.

The world of Age of Magic is overwhelmed by darkness and chaos. All creatures lose their way and become infinite. Evil rages everywhere and no one can stop their power. But there is still some hope when the goddess’s prophecy says, “A true mage will enter the dark tower and change the destiny of the universe”. Are you the mage in prophecy?

Age of Magic

Familiar gameplay

Surely, you are no stranger to the turn-based role-playing game, which often appears in many tactical games and their attraction is not small. Age of Magic will also be a game with this familiar play, in which you will control a powerful mage to fight the monsters in separate stages. They will be brought to a very nice battle location. You will start attacking your enemies. Then they will attack you fairly. The heroes and monsters all have special skills that you need to well use those skills in each attacking turn.

Age of Magic will have a fascinating and interesting storyline so players can explore through each level of the game. You will explore the whole land by going through each level like the campaign. In each match, you can create a team of heroes to increase the strength, which has added to the tactics of this game. You need to rationalize the heroes and combine their skills appropriately to gain greater power.

In Age of Magic, Story Mode is not the only mode of the game. You will be able to compete with many other players every day and every week in PvP mode. Scary Valley and Treasure Valley modes will challenge your fighting abilities. Your rewards can be obtained in these modes, which will be amazing.

Age of Magic

Hero collection

Age of Magic has an abundant hero collection, with over 50 unique and different heroes. You can completely collect these heroes through battles in different modes as cards. Once you have got enough cards, you can unlock your favourite hero. Age of Magic is a role-playing game so you can upgrade, customize your hero and equip your character with weapons, armour and a variety of items to enhance their strength in each battle.

Age of Magic

The design

In my opinion, the main attraction of Age of Magic is the beautìul graphics. The game has focused on building a beautiful 3D graphics with the great images with the HD quality. The skill effects of the heroes are well meticulously created. Each hero possesses three distinct skills and does not overlap. In addition, the game is built with a lot of lands and individual locations that bring a lot of new feelings for players.

Age of Magic


Age of Magic has a familiar but equally interesting gameplay in the innovations of the manufacturer. You can feel the charm of a magical world through beautiful images in the game. Age of Magic is now in the beta testing process so you may get an error, but it will be finalized soon. If you are ready to play, let’s download the game right below. Do not forget to leave your review in this article for giving us the feedback to do the better game in the future! Thanks and have a fun game!

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