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Recently, the existence of many popular games on the mobile has constantly encouraged the game makers but reliving the attractive game on the popular platform such as PC, PS4 to the mobile is quite difficult, requiring a very good team. Tencent game maker is in an effort to bring the famous Overwatch style game to the Mobile. It is Ace Force. Although the Tencent manufacturer did not formally publicize Ace Force as another version of Overwatch, it is similar to the original game from the style and gameplay of the game. Let’s study a little bit about it right now!

Ace Force

The gameplay is quite similar to Overwatch

Ace Force will be played as a team, in which 10 players will be divided into two teams and compete against each other. You can choose one of several heroes, each of them has their own unique skills and roles. Attackers will have good movement speed and high damage but low defence indicator. The defensive characters will be able to create choke points and support for teammates. Ace Force system will help players find the suitable game and team. The extra positions will immediately be merged with another match, so you do not have to worry about tactical imbalances.

Ace Force will still focus on team-based tactics that require high teamwork, in which you will need to support and fight with your teammates to win the game. The game also needs a lot of personal skills. Sometimes, only one individual can make a winning streak for the team, but to become a better player you need to train your fighting skills better. The control of the game is also simple and familiar. You can easily control your character, but to play well, you need to practice more.

A little advice to help you play better is to watch out before jumping into empty areas. In addition, you should always move closer to the wall and other obstructions, and keep your eyes on the small map in the upper right to immediately recognize the appearance of the enemy and determine the direction of movement. It is all just the basics to get better. You need to fight more creatively.

Ace Force

An abundant character system

Ace Force will provide a lot of characters. We can hardly find out all the characters, but I will tell you about their general information.

  • Tesla Genius: This is a character that can place the turrets. After placing the turrets, you can stand around these towers to increase the battle power.
  • Iron Knight: He carries a shield. He has the ability to stun the player for a while, but he is a melee warrior who is very easy to be attacked.
  • Jack – time and space detective: he has the ability to move instantly and support his teammates perfectly
    Vulcan: A character with homemade weapons, throw the burning bottles in the crowd to gain extra damage.
  • Spark: Vulcan’s sister, she uses a special weapon. You should watch out for her.

There are a lot of characters who need your explorations such as Commander, Hunter, Veteran, Nether, Storm, Giant Bear, Joker Jock…

Ace Force

The graphics

Ace Force owns a nice 3D graphics, but it does have animated graphics. Although there is a cartoon style, in which the characters still move and fight in a very smooth way. In addition, the game also has a lot of unique and attractive maps. You will have a lot of road and corner to move and fight, which will also create a lot of surprises about the team tactics as well as individual player tactics.

Ace Force apk


In general, Ace Force APK gives players a familiar style but also very exciting. During the trial period of the game from August 10th to October 10th, you can completely enjoy the game and give some feedback with the Tencent manufacturer to fix the errors. Be sure to prepare your device’s memory before downloading the game. The game’s capacity is up to 1.1 Gb. Have a fun game!

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