2047 Covenant

2047 Covenant
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The fantasy world that you once imagined will now appear in 2047 Covenant. The game was developed by Chinese producers, a chibi battle in a paradise with the mighty power to break world peace. In addition to the monsters, there will be the evil dragon. The players have to fight and win to enjoy the music of the victory, and also get the amazing rewards.

2047 Covenant


The cute story takes place in 2047 Covenant, which will make this role-playing game much more interesting. In the game, you will be choosing a Chibi character. You can customize your character’s hair colour, facial expression, eye type, wings … You can customize them as per your imagination.

In each battle, you will enter a landmark that is invaded by many monsters. You have to use your skills to attack and destroy them for receiving the reward for your initial achievement. Role-playing playstyle forces you to focus on building up your character, so you can search for more powerful equipment. The equipment system in 2047 Covenant will be decentralized in colours such as blue, purple, yellow. You should put your goals higher.

In addition, you can summon some of the power from the skeletons, the beasts, which will help you in difficult battles. Besides getting rewards by overcoming the level, you can log on daily to receive additional bonuses or do the tasks of the NPC in your city.

2047 Covenant

Strategy mode

The core of the 2047 Covenant is the real-time strategy mode, in which you have to form units into columns and command them in battle. It requires you to observe and respond quickly to win against other smart players around the world.

2047 Covenant


In the past, we have always thought of the role-playing games, which must have strong characters with the cool clothes. But 2047 Covenant will give a different view of this genre. With the small and cute chibi making you feel like you are in your childhood. The manufacturer also lets you watch battles in 2,5 D and 3D modes, which makes the attraction or sometimes just a bit of graphics reduction for your device.

2047 Covenant

Download 2047 Covenant Mod Apk free for Android

In general, 2047 Covenant MOD is a novelty in the role-playing game genre, which you should try playing once. Maybe, this will be the game genre that you are looking forward to for so long. Let’s play it and share it with your friends. The ladies may like this game. Wish you have a fun game!

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